Private Sessions


Yes we do Private Sessions-   If you want your body paint done for an event, party, contest etc...  The fee is $250 at our location. There will be an extra material fee for Prosthetics, Temporary Tatoo Makeup and some other specialty items. A $75 non-refundable deposit is needed to secure a date.  At Halloween, the full fee, non-refundable, is due to make an appointment. Add a digital photo package including pictures and retouching for $50.

Special Effects

YES we do special effect and costume makeup for contest and conventions as well.  Contact us as far in advance to discuss your wants as possible. We can do prosthetics, applicances, makeup, special effects and more.

Zombie Parties

ZOMBIE PARTIES!  We can bring our Zombie squad and turn your guests into the walking dead while you host "B" zombie movies or TV shows in the living room.  Photo packages available as well!  We have a special Zombie Party Kit you can use to make the zombie partie a great success!  Prices start at $250 for the first 10 people, depending on the complexity of designs you want.

Gift Certificates

We offer gift certificates for a full body paint with photo's the fee for this is $550 at a hotel conference room or suite in our area.  There will be one assistant present for private sessions, and you can and should bring someone with you as well.

Luxury Day Package

Luxury Bodypaint Package-  This is our "You worked for it Flaunt It" special!  Show off your gym body, or just because you are YOU!    The perfect gift for something and someone special....

You and a friend will be picked up by limo and taken to a luxury hotel nearby.  You will meet in a suite booked for the day and greet the artist with a champagne toast, and light refreshments.  After that, you will shower and frehsen up and then spend the next 3 - 4 Hours being transformed to a painted vision. Light refreshments will be available throughout. Following that, the artist or staff photographer will do a photo shoot with you in the suite.  Approximately 100 images will be shot during that time.  After that, you will shower, and be taken to the hotel spa (Or nearby facility via Limo) and enjoy a 1 hour facial and massage treatment for you AND your friend.  You will then return to the suite to look at the pictures, and select the ones you think you like best.  You will receive print sets of 5 of the pictures you choose, then, you and your friend will be taken home.  Once the pictures have been adjusted and retouched for color and appearance, they will be professionally printed and mailed to you. Your FAVORITE photo will be printed as a large format framed canvas art print, which will be shipped to your door within 4 weeks, and can be hung as a centerpiece to your home, office or where ever you like!

This Package is $2500, and can be given as a gift certificate if you prefer to give this luxury day to someone you love without letting them know how much the day has cost.  This package is not intended for EVERYONE, but rather those who know the value of the art and experience, and the value of the work they have done on their temple body.  Please allow 2 weeks to create the certificate, and know that there will be a 2 week leeway needed for scheduling.