Modeling Jobs


There are two basic types of modelling jobs-  Paid and Unpaid.

Paid Jobs

Paid Jobs are available on occasions where a client is hiring us to do a body paint AND needs us to provide a model.  We give preference on paid jobs to models we have met and worked with prior, but anyone can apply.  If you are interested in applying for paid modelling assignments, Go here and fill out an application.

Something In Between

Between paid and unpaid, we do have an opportunity for models who want to fill out their portfolio with some trade for picture work AND want to make money too.  Our Publication Program allows images from trade-for-picture work (Meaning you get free pictures for your portfolio) to be published in several ways that can lear to sales of high end canvas art prints.  On those you do no extra work, and GET PAID royalties for as long as their are sales! (Meaning YOU MAKE MONEY!)

Unpaid Jobs

Unpaid Modelling opportunities are for professionals who want to do Trade for Picture work for their portfolio  and/ or some public events where we paint in public environemnts. It can be a chance for those with an interest in body painting to have the experience or sample of it, without paying for a private session.   Trade for Picture gigs are usually for professional or aspiring models, and are made available if I want to try a new design.  If you have a design idea, feel free to write and if it interests us we can discuss what options there are. If it is NOT a design that interests us, we may still be able to work a partial trade for pics, if you can pay a materials fee to cover our makeup costs.  Usually this is $75.

Public Events are usually are art openings, or sometimes nightclubs or bars where having someone getting painted is part of the entertainment.  It can be a fun night for you and a friend and is a sexy opportunity to show off yourself and be a little fun and flirty.  It is STILL hard work... so, check the Model FAQ page.  If you want to be notified of public venue model opportunities, drop us a note.

Either way,  Paid or Unpaid- Private or public, Please read the Model FAQs and send us the needed reference materials.

We also offer a Publication Program which is open to anyone we make photographs of, at their interest and request.

Application for Paid Modeling Jobs PDF   Application for Paid Modeling Jobs Word Doc

Application for Unpaid Modeling Roles  PDF  Application for Unpaid Modeling Roles Word Doc

Publishing Progam - A way to make money with Trade For Pic Shoots!  PDF