Frequently Asked Questions

Here are links to Various FAQ's  and documents.  All will open as PDF's so you can print them out. Scroll down to read general FAQ's Online.

Customer FAQ's

Model FAQ's And Guidelines PDF

Live Canvas Art Release Form

Trade For Pic Release Form PDF


Some General FAQ's are here Below:

What kinds of "Paint" do you use?  Technically not Paint at all- but all theatrical makeup and facepaint like the type used on children.  Sometimes we use Temporary tattoo makeup as well.  All of these are made by respected names in the theatrical cosmetic and face painting industry (Wolfe, Kryolan, Merhon, Graftobian, EBA and Temptu to name a few) and are made with only FDA approved ingrediants. They are designed to be used on skin.  We do not use Acrylic paints on people, EVER and advise against it.

Why don't you do nudes? Although we might for a private photo shoot for an art piece, really- we intend our work to be shown to an audience. Some degree of modesty is therefore called for especially where famillies, children or people with varying backgrounds and attitudes toward artistic nudity are concerned. Also, for public venues, we have to be aware of obeying any public nudity laws.  Makese sense, don't you think?  That said, there will always be people who look at body art as risque- we can't please everyone.  I think ANY kind of art can be sexy, edgy, frightening, funny and/or joyful- Body Art included.  That said, for publication and private sessions we WILL sometimes do tasteful nudes if the model or client wishes it.

I want a Full Body Painting done on ME!?  Ok, well, we offer private photo packages and makeup sessions for parties, events and what have you.  We also offer high end extravagant gift packages as well.   If you're just doing it for "fun" you might talk to us about a waist up or bust design as an alternative to the time commitment to a full paint.  We also do Human Pin Striping which can really add an elegant touch to even weddings.

Can you do a (Insert name of design)?   Yes, probably, to some degree or another.  In the case of copyright characters and/ or logo desings, you need to be the legal owner of that image if you want us to reproduce it commercially.  But, do remember, the art is by hand, not by machine, and the shape of the canvas makes a difference as well.  So, do expect some degree of artistic interpretation.  Also, on some level, the design has to interest us too.

How do I contact you?   E mail is best- You can also call my  Business Phone and leave message  407 325 0224.