Promotions And Events Featuring Live Canvas Art


Live canvas art can add an amazing element to any party, convention, product launch or festival.  Working with one of our models or your own, in a family friendly or edgy fashion, we can combine amazingly executed live canvas art with talented presenters and models to really GRAB your audience.


There are many ways to add Live Canvas Art to your event:  For Gala Events, you may invite our artists to create beautiful masquerade designs. Fairs and festivals may wish to offer upper body designs, paint or Glitter designs for your guests.  Trade Shows and Product Launches may make use af an exhibition paint, or painted walk around model to draw attention and ads. Advertising and Photo Shoots can utilize Live Canvas Art to bring a rich dimention of design and color to any photo presentation. Painted Jewelry can add a classy element to adult gatherings of all kinds.

Family Friendly!

Note that all of our work can be done rated E for everyone, PG and PG13- That's where we stop.  We don't do full nudes in public events unless the entire event is that way.

Small arm, upper body or mask designs can be done relatively quickly, but half and full body designs can take hours to compete...  BE sure to ask about the time constraints to execute your design.  We CAN create logo's and such for promotions, but you must be legally authorized to give permission for said creation, and be able to provide the art work files for reference.


We can use water based paints which wash off easily, but are not suitable for wet or hot environments.  We can use Temporary Tatoo inks which can last a few days with minor touch ups if properly taken care of.

Event pricing is based upon a number of factors such as: complexity of design and completeness, types of makeup products used and colors, number of days over which the deisng will be created, and if you want the artist to remain on site for touch ups. In some cases there will be a material or travel charge above the hourly rates, depending again on the details of your event.


Our artists are typically paid either a full day or half day rate-  Half day starts at $250  and Full day starts at $400. This usually includes material costs for the first model.  Models are anywhere from $25 - $50 per hour, depending upon what you want them to do once painted.   Exhibition Painting, where the painting takes place "On stage" in view of your customers or patrons usually adds 25% to the price.